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Turn the volume up load, kick back, and learn about the greatest educational initiative on the planet.

For teachers who want to get involved, check out the amazing resources available, or register your class at www.deforestACTION.com today!

Your students will be the driving force of this project. They will work with the action agents in the field daily.  They will be responsible for saving the planet.


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 We’re hearing so many amazing results about how teachers are using DeforestACTION as a framework to create learning opportunities for young people.  But how can you get your students involved?

Firstly –  check out some of the teacher resources available here:

Resources for Primary/Elementary School

Resources for Secondary School

To really get collaborative, you can set up a virtual space in a secure online classroom. Get started now:

  1. Download the Teacher Guide and help your students register for DeforestACTION
  2. Create a primary school virtual classroom, and work with the students to design local project (see page 8 of the teacher guide for step by step instructions)
  3. Create a secondary school virtual classroom, and work with the students to design local project (see page 8 of the teacher guide for step by step instructions)
  4. Join a Global Collaboration, and work with other schools around the world toward a common goal (create a classroom above and you’ll be added automatically!)
  5. Take part in the global action and earn points for your students and your school as you learn.

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DeforestACTION top 50

This week we announced the top 50 ‘Action Agents’ for DeforestACTION –  a shortlist of young people volunteering to spend 100 days in the jungles of Borneo to work on the DeforestACTION project. Action agents will become the eyes, ears and hands of young people around the world, and work from the ground in Borneo.  Congratulations to you all!

These action agents will help school students globally execute their projects, provide real time data, photos, stories and ideas from the field.  And, they will become global superstars, featuring as heroes / heroines in one of the most ambitious 3D movies ever attempted.

In the coming week, the list will be further refined to the top 20 recruits who will undertake an online audition / interview, and medical tests to ensure suitability for the conditions on the ground. At the end of this process, we will have 10 recruits, ready to take on the world, and 10 stand-by recruits, ready to fill their shoes if required.

The top 50 are truly incredible people and have demonstrated a willingness to do whatever it takes to save the planet, regardless of whether they make the top 20.  They are more than inspirational, they are an embodiment of hope in a world that is hungry to recognize them. 

With so many incredible volunteers, inspiration leaders, and passionate activists who didn’t make the top 50, we have decided to modify the project to ensure each of the applicants can participate, visit Borneo, work with Dr.Smits, and star in the movie – for up to 14 days.

Why are we so keen to include them in this project?  You will no doubt be inspired, as you check out people like Dan Pask, Toby Crocker, Emma Williams, Matthew Winkler,  Liam O’Doherty, Joshua Nicolaou, Walter Heck, Amber Brovelli and so many others in the application gallery.

To get to Borneo, they will need our help, as they take local actions, raise funds to save land and animals, and to create global awareness.   We should remember, deforestation is a global problem.  We must all work together to solve it. Please, get behind the recruits. Help them reach their goals.. and work with them to save the planet!

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Partners in Learning

The Partners in Learning champions James and Jane, who had the foresight to support and sponsor this project

This week we launched the Shout Project in Singapore at the Microsoft Partners in Learning Regional Innovative Education Forum.

Jean-Francois Rischard did the opening keynote, closing with a beautiful proposal – that young people take responsiblity for the changes the planet needs.

For the next two days, we worked in partnership with TakingITGlobal and the students and school leaders from across the region to determine how young people will take this challenge on.

Step 1: Pick 1 global issue from Rischard’s book:

The book that started it all

The top three candidates selected by both teachers and students were:

  1. Fisheries Depletion
  2. Deforestation
  3. Dangerous Climate Change

After several votes  – the winner is – Deforestation.  Now, here’s the assignment these students and teachers have agreed to tackle:

“You must address and resolve the global problem of climate change, by driving youth from across the planet to take action in whatever ways you determine suitable, effective and appropriate”.

In the next three weeks, young people can log onto TakingITGlobal and propose any ideas (no matter how wacky) for how they will address Deforestation.  Check it out.. and feel free to vote for the best ideas. (www.takingitglobal.com/deforestaction)

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