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Somehow we have to save what's left..those working against us do not want us to succeed.

Just how powerful and ruthless are the logging / oil palm companies?  Why is it so urgent we pull together as a planet to raise funds for this project?  The answer is simple.. the logging companies are ruthless without bounds, and unless we act quickly, they will destroy the last patches of critically valuable virgin forest.

The DeforestACTION team, through Dr.Willie Smits,  have a very limited opportunity to secure a rich patch of forest land, approximately 5,000 hectares in West Kalimantan (Indonesia) which contains valuable rainforest and is home to over 100 orangutans.  The logging companies understandably feel threatened. They are fighting back!

Today we learned this area has been deliberately targetted by one of the biggest logging companies in Indonesia, seeking to destroy the remaining forest there, harness the timber, and plant oil palms.

This is a direct attack on our movement, and we must respond.  This company, PT Kalimantan Subu (part of the Sinar Mas group) has lobbied the government, claiming environmental benefits for the repurposing of the land, to reallocate the land from us in the next few months.

With your help, we can save this area permanently.  First, we must commission an environmental impact assessment study (which will help us save even more land) to create a transparent and detailed evaluation of the damage caused when forests in this specific region are destroyed for timber or monoculture farming.  No more lies.  We must stop this crime from occurring by presenting and documenting facts, and using this project to create transparency and awareness globally. 

The full environmental impact assessment study costs around $100,000.  Whatever is left over if we hit this milestone will be used for additional conservation projects.  This is our critical first milestone. It’s a huge document, and requires significant work.   Once we have it, it will be very difficult for logging companies to acquire land to destroy with false statistics and fabricated data. And, this is a prerequisite for the land regeneration permits we require to regrow the forests in Singtang.

We need your help urgently, to secure this critically at risk area of land and rezone it as conservation.  .

The orangutans, and indeed the whole planet need your help right NOW! Tell your friends. Run events. Raise money.  Every cent goes to the cause – nothing is wasted.  Help us save these beautiful and essential forests for the young people of today, and tomorrow.  Help !! Visit  www.deforestACTION.com to donate.

UPDATE – Unfortunately, this area has been lost to the logging company we were racing against.  They have more money, influence and resources.  We will be filming this area as they destroy it, to show the world what they are capable of.


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Project Borneo

What should we call the movie?

 Can you think of a great name for the movie about the DeforestACTION project?  This will be the most ambitious, big budget reality movie ever made. The current working title is “Project Borneo 3D: An Action Movie“,  but it will need a new name when it appears in cinemas around the world.

Get creative and tell us what you want to call the movie!

If your idea is chosen*, (at the very least) you will be publicly credited, and we’ll send you a copy of Willie Smits’ hard cover coffee table book “Thinkers of the Jungle”, and accompanying DVD “The Orangutan Report”, along with some other really cool goodies.  

Thinkers of the Jungle

Score a copy of Willie Smit’s book

Enter your ideas at the Project Borneo 3D Movie renaming Forum.

*If the winning suggestion is made by more than one person, the first person will be credited with the idea.

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