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Her Royal Highness, Princess Gusti of Jogyakarta pledged to personally recruit 1 Million students from Indonesia to the DeforestACTION project

Why would her Highness, Princess Gusti Pembayun of Jogyakarta want to open one of the world’s most important education events, and challenge school leaders from across the globe to get behind the DeforestACTION project?  And why would she stand before this powerful leadership group and personally commit to enrolling another one million Indonesian students into the project?

Last week in London, the British Council hosted the annual Education World Forum.  This three day long event draws Ministers and senior policy makers from across the world to consider the future of education and was opened by Princess Gusi Pembayun, who spoke about the importance of large education systems embracing DeforestACTION.

During her address, the Princess highlighed the incredible work students from around the world had already undertaken through the project.  She spoke of the challenges faced by local people in Indonesia, and how education could help stop the destruction of the important rainforests, the orangutans, local industries, and protect the futures of the local people.

Her message was simple.  Deforestation is a global problem.  We must work together as a global community to solve it – beginning with our young people. New solutions are needed – more agile, more creative solutions.  She finished with a personal commitment – she will work to bring another one million Indonesian students into the program so they can interact with students around the world through the DeforestACTION online spaces, through new DeforestACTION fact sheets, teacher guides, and other resources that can be distributed to non-connected students.

So why what were the main reasons for such a commitment?   Here are some of the key drivers:

1. Access: Over 50% of students in Jogyakarta have access to the internet today, but in the near future, this will be 100%.  Connectivity will allow unprecedented opportunities for global collaboration.  DeforestACTION is one of the best ways for students and teachers to quickly connect, engage in collaborative projects, and to solve problems together.

2. Awareness of the problems of deforestation are the key to the solutions.  The more young people understand about the value of the forests, the importance of the wildlife, and the potential benefits of preserving both, the better. The new DeforestACTION resources make it easy and fun for students to increase awareness.

3. Empowering students to feel they can make a difference was a key theme in the presentations at the EWF.  Offering students a chance to take meaningful action to solve problems that are relevent to them is a global imperative.   DeforestACTION is a powerful channel for young people to explore issues, learn about the challenges, but best of all to propose solutions and take action.

4. Urgency – Time is running out.  Young people need to be educated about these issues quickly, before there are no more orangutans, before the peat is all destroyed, and before the future is bankrupted by corporate greed.  Education is the key.  There is no more time to waste.

The Princess and Dr. Willie Smits will spend another week travelling through Europe promoting DeforestACTION with packed houses and media conferences dominating their travels.   We wish them all the best.


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Princess Gusti Pembayun - Princess of Yogyakarta to open the Global Education Leaders Briefing annual event this January and present on DeforestACTION.

DeforestACTION will be the big news at the world’s largest educational leader meeting next week in London.

From January 8, some of the world’s most powerful education ministers, policy makers and thought leaders will meet in London for the Annual Education Leaders Briefing (ELB).  Hosted by the British Council to coincide with the BETT Show (the world’s largest education forum), this invitation only event provides a global platform for forward-looking debate with government, education systems and industry  to inspire and achieve real change in education.

Her Highness Princess Gusti Pembayun, of Yogyakarta, will be the opening keynote at this event, presenting on the importance of globally collaborative learning projects, and offering a global invitation for school systems around the world to join the DeforestACTION project.  There will also be several other very big announcements about the project next week – but more on that later.

There is strong commitment and support from the royal family of Yogyakarta, including Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana X, to the DeforestACTION project, which will ensure large numbers of Indonesian students take the lead in the DeforestACTION project this year.

The Princess will be joined by Dr. Willie Smits and Hasudungan Pakpahan, and will use London as the starting point for a global DeforestACTION promotional tour.

I will be posting regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and this blog throughout the BETT week events, where DeforestACTION have a sponsored stand in the main pavillion.

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