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Ideas for awareness and fundraising

Entrepreneurial ideas from young people

What can teachers do to foster entrepreneurship in young people? The images and ideas below may provide some powerful clues.
The most recent, cutting edge, international study into 21st Century Skills conducted in partnership with Microsoft and SRI, concludes the single most powerful thing a teacher can do to help young people develop 21st Century Skills is to create learning experiences that require young people to use these skills. 
That is why DeforestACTION has become such a phenomenon.  It provides unique, highly engaging, and challenging conditions in which young people are required to demonstrate and develop high level 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, information and media literacy,  and entrepreneurship.   

Young people care passionately about inheriting a planet that will sustain them-  this isn’t a pretend challenge – it’s a real as it gets, and that’s why engagement is so high.

In this post I am focussing on entrepreneurship and Innovation, and how we have seen these skills presented in DeforestACTION schools.  

Here are just some of the thousands of ideas young people have been bringing to this project recently to raise funds, awareness and Support. I’ll share more of these in upcoming posts.

1. Amelia Swan has launched a number of brilliant initiatives to create awarness for DeforestACTION.  To target the 18-30 year old market, she has created DeforestACTION stamps for distribution to popular night clubs, so every patron who enters the club will be stamped on their wrist to promote the cause. (the template for this stamp is available if you want to use this idea in your local area).

DeforestACTION stamp
Coming to a nightclub near you..

 Amelia is also distributing business cards across her region to promote the cause and raise awareness.

Business Cards
promotional business cards by Amelia Swan

2. Students at Dallas Primary School in Victoria Australia have raised over $3,000 selling Merangue-utans (a play on merangues – a popular Australian desert food):


Dallas Primary School and Kindergarten Merangue-utan fundraiser project

3. Royal College in Sri-Lanka organized a DeforestACTION march with over 9,000 participants, calling for the end of illegal palm oil manufacturing.  This was accompanied by a student developed and produced television commercial which was played across the whole of Sri-Lanka on free to air TV.  They also established an international study-buddy program to involve schools in awareness raising and sharing. 

Royal College Sri-Lanka

Royal College was one of the founding DeforestACTION schools

 4. Silverton Primary School invited over 100 students from neighbouring schools to participate in a DeforestACTION student-lead conference.  This involved participating in science experiments, music challenges, and playing a range of DeforestACTION games including the orangutan survival game, and palm oil bowling.  Students raised over $2,000 for DeforestACTION.

Over 100 students came together to collaborate on DeforestACTION projects, and to develop new solutions and awareness raising campaigns.

Palm Oil Bowling

Palm oil farming is like rolling a giant bowling ball into the forests and destroying everything in its path

5. Similar scenes have been witnessed in schools around the world, like in Kadina, South Australia, where students from all over the Penisula arrived on buses, marquets were set up and scientists, museum experts, conservation groups and local parent clubs joined forces for a day of learning around DeforestACTION.  Microsoft Partners in Learning were called on to provide sponsorship bags and trinkets, which the students filled with their own collateral and entrepreneurial ideas to take back and develop in their schools.


Community awareness day organized by students and Microsoft Innovative Teacher Worldwide Award winner (now Principal) Mark Sparvell

6. Taroona High School students have raised over $3,000 selling DeforestACTION land as  Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers.  The students and teachers (some of the most amazing and inspirational on the planet) also created the very popular facebook character Orrie-Anotan who has gone viral on social media, and is responsible for raising nearly $5,000 for DeforestACTION.  At the time of this posting Orrie-Anotan was leading the DeforestACTION points board and is a front runner to be featured in the 3D Movie.  

Orrie Anotan

Social Media hero Orrie Anotan (and check out his friend Tas DeVille) set up by students to raise awareness and funds for DeforestACTION.

Each of the initiatives from Taroona was accompanied by an awareness brochure on the dangers of Palm Oil.

Palm Oil Brochure
Students are distributing thousands of brochures highlighting products that contain Palm Oil.

7. Students at Cleveland District High School are taking their promotion to the street, backing one of their teachers to become an action hero for the upcoming 3D Movie, Borneo 3D: An Action Movie.

Cleveland High School

8. Joshua Nicolau spent one day skating around his city on a skateboard holding a double sided DeforestACTION sign, dressed as an orangutan and generated significant media interest.

Tom Smith from Bristol mirrored this effort in the UK.

Skating for a cause
Skating for a cause

9.Young people in Florida are working with the Tampa Zoo to have the orangutans promote their own cause through DeforestACTION.

orangutans promoting their cause

Who better to speak for the orangutans?

10. DeforestACTION champions aged 8-50 years have had articles published in hundreds of newspapers, television stations, radio programs and online news media across the planet.  To generate this kind of media, some  amazing connections were made, and stunts pulled.  This requires a seperate post to explore.


Toby Crocker with Hollywood superstar Jason Statham

 There are hundreds of highly creative DeforestACTION / Borneo 3D videos on YouTUBE with some incredible ideas and talent demonstrated to share the message. 

Here is one of the many songs young people have written about DeforestACTION (in this case by a teacher). It speaks for itself:


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