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Three primary schools in Victoria have analysed the academic results of students who are participating in DeforestAction and those who aren’t.  Students who were involved in the project are not only more engaged, but also have significantly higher learning outcomes in seemingly unrelated areas, particular numeracy and literacy.

It makes sense. Students are so engaged in the project, they want to write more, with a purpose. They want to solve problems more – because they feel they need to.  But what is so exciting about these reports is they are data driven.  Students in the same class levels, (some from the same class), who had been perfoming at the same level in a range of areas, are performing differently depending on whether they were involved in the project or not.

The ‘educational gurus’ have been talking about the importance of student directed learning, student voice, engagement, context and relevance for years.  That’s why collaborating for change is so important.  Because now we can prove it works.

Check out this very cool little clip from Dallas Primary School in Victoria.


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