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Borneo 3D: An Action Movie

Check out the video applications for the upcoming 3D movie about DeforestACTION

Hundreds of young people from over 35 countries have submitted their inspirational videos hoping to be selected for inclusion in the upcoming, big budget feature film, Borneo 3D: An Action Movie.

The quality of applications is astounding, and the creativity shown is truly impressive. 

The top 50  applicants will be offered unique opportunities to be involved in the movie, and to take leadership roles within the DeforestACTION project.  The top 10 will be invited to spend 5 months in Borneo with the DeforestACTION team, including Dr. Willie Smits, running the project in front of the 3D cameras, which will bring them to the big screen all over the planet.

The screening process has begun, and a series of announcements will be made in the coming weeks. Be sure to check in regularly, and keep an eye on www.anactionmovie.com to learn more.

To see a links to some of the media these applicants have generated, check out the comments below.


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